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How to Change Cash App From Business to Personal? Cash App for Business To Personal

How to Change Cash App From Business to Personal? Cash App for Business To Personal

Before the integration of mobile-based money transfer services, people used to depend upon only bank accounts three decades ago. In the absence of the internet, tasks like sending and receiving money were quite slow and sluggish. Also, changing the type of account was quite a difficult piece of work. But, now the story has changed. If you ask any Cash App user, he/she can't help but admire the user-friendliness and compatibility of Cash App. More specifically, changing account type from Business to personal & vice versa is quite simple and quick. But, the sad truth is that many people don't know about it.

If you also don't know the simple steps to convert your Cash App business account to a personal one or from personal to business, then you must read this post. Also, you will get an overview of creating and having multiple Cash App accounts. However, remember that any person who uses Cash App, can contact Cash App customer service and have a free consultation over the phone. Else, read this post and learn the facts.                                                                                                                            

How to switch Cash App accounts from business to personal?

Many of us already know that on Cash App anyone can sign up either with a business or personal account. At the time of sign-up, Cash App lets the users choose what kind of account they want to create. Many people choose "Personal" while some opt for Cash App for Business account. The best part of Cash App services is that users can change their Cash App personal accounts to business accounts and vice versa in just a few simple steps to create the account. These are the quick steps to follow:

  • Unlock your phone & open the Square Cash App on your phone.
  • Press the profile button available on the home screen.
  • Scroll down and then select the personal tab.
  • Now go all the way down and you will find "Change Account Type", press it.
  • To confirm the change, scan your finger.
  • Now feel relaxed, as your cash app business account has changed to a personal one.

Can I have two accounts: Cash App for Business & Personal

This question is quite common among Cash App users. People stumble upon such questions because they want to draw the maximum benefits out of the Cash App. The fact of the matter is that having two Cash App accounts is only possible when you have two different phone numbers. It means, if you want to create one business account and one personal account, then you will have to own different numbers.

Also, you may have to use a fresh email and debit card which has not been registered in Cash App so far. If you are using a dual SIM phone, then it becomes quite simple to create & use two Cash App accounts: Cash App for Business & Personal. You might be interested to know how to create a second Cash App account. 

  • Open the Square Cash App on your phone.
  • Press the profile-shaped icon available at the home screen.
  • Go all the way down and hit the sign-out button.
  • After successful signing out from the Cash App, now press the "sign up" button.
  • Now follow the easy on-screen instructions like entering your mobile number, email address, bank details, and so on.
  • Select Business or Personal while choosing the account type.
  • Make sure while creating the second Cash App accounts use only the different email addresses, numbers, and bank accounts.

What are the benefits of Cash App for business accounts?

As the name suggests, the Cash App business account is specially designed for those people who are into small businesses. What has excited a large number of merchants is the fact that the Square payment app, lets the business owner get paid with ease of mind. These are some major benefits of using a business account on Cash App.

  • The best part of a business account in Cash App is its lower fee that is only 2.75% to receive payment directly from customers.
  • When it comes to sending money from a business account to a bank account, there is no fee. However, in the case of an instant deposit, a fee of 1.5% is applicable.
  • What personally I have liked about the business account on Cash App is that it allows the account holders to receive payment from those customers who even don't have Cash App.
  • A merchant account on Cash App allows the accountholders to create and share a unique payment link. More importantly, you can share and embed your payment link on your website. Also, you can share it through email, SMS, Whatsapp, and social media.

Final Say

That's the end of today's tutorial: How to change Cash App business account to personal. Also, we discussed how to create a second Cash App account. I believe all the above-mentioned information about switching accounts on the cash app will prove to be quite helpful and effective. 


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