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How to Merge Cash App Accounts? Unmerge Cash App Accounts

How to Merge Cash App Accounts? Unmerge Cash App Accounts

At some point, anyone who has been using Cash App by Square payment, does think to create two or more than two Cash App accounts. Why? Because they just want to draw the maximum benefits of this smart payment app. What a little known truth is the fact that you don't need to create two or three separate Cash App accounts for sending and receiving money through multiple phone numbers. Now, gladly, you can merge Cash App accounts you made with two different phone numbers and continue to store and spend money. That's not all, if your mind changes in future then you can unmerge your two Cash App accounts with ease of mind.

So, to help you understand all about connecting and disconnecting your multiple Cash App account, I am going to answer some of the common questions. Here we go:

Can I create multiple Cash App accounts?

First thing first: Can you create multiple Cash App accounts? Of course, you can create two Cash App accounts. But, to create and set up two different Cash App accounts, you will require two different phone numbers, email ids, and debit cards. If you can meet all these requirements, then you definitely can create multiple Cash App accounts. And to simplify the payments, you can merge all of your Cash App accounts and make them one.

What are the benefits of merging two Cash App accounts?

Some of you might first like to know the benefits of merging two Cash App accounts. Let me explain. Just suppose you are into any kind of business and using a Cash App for business accounts. And to receive payments from your customers, you are using your business phone number. Everything is fine so far. But, the real trouble starts when you need to receive money without exposing your business phone number to anyone. Similarly, it might be possible that you would not like to disclose your personal phone number to receive money from one of you contacts.

Moreover, handling multiple Cash App accounts on multiple phones can prove to be quite hectic and troublesome work. So, the idea here is to merge all your Cash App accounts to one. You will be glad to know that all the steps to merge your multiple accounts on Cash App are quite simple and straightforward. Find step by step information in the coming section.

How do I merge two Cash App accounts?

Now say goodbye to all troubles that come with managing and using two or more Cash App accounts. These are the steps to follow to merge your two Cash App accounts.

  • Open Cash App payment app on your phone.
  • Press the photo-shaped icon available at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now scroll down to find and select the "Personal" tab.
  • Then, glance down and select "Add Phone Number" to merge your other Cash App account.
  • Similarly, you can merge your other Cash App account as well by entering adding an email.

How to unmerge two Cash App accounts?

At any point of time, if you ever wish, you can unmerge multiple Cash App accounts with ease of mind.

  • Unlock your phone and open Cash App.
  • Now tap the profile icon and then further select the "Personal" button.
  • Move down and select the "Phone Number" section.
  • Select the phone and delete it from your account if you want to unmerge your Cash App account made with that number.
  • Similarly, you delete any additional email that you added last time for merging your account.

Last Words

That was all about how to merge Cash App accounts. To give you a clear picture, we also discussed how to unmerge two Cash App accounts. We are sure you will find all the information quite helpful. For more information and assistance, feel free to contact us for free consultation.


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