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How to Use Cash App? Features, Benefits & Fees [Explained]

How to Use a Cash App? Features, Benefits & Fees [Explained]

It's not always convenient or possible to manage your money only through a bank account. You might have been in a situation when your bank failed to meet your expectations. If so, believe me Square Cash App could be the best answer to all of your expectations. When it comes to choosing a payment app for personal use, everyone wants user-friendliness, safety & quickness in the payment app. And the best thing about Cash App is that it has all these three qualities. In fact, it's multitasking abilities make it versatile and more than just a regular payment app. That's why I have decided to make it today's topic for our discussion. As the name suggests of this blog, I am going to explain to you -how to use Cash App? Also, you will get an overview of features, benefits & fees on Square payment app. 

What is a Cash App? 

Established in October 2013, Cash App is owned by Square Inc. As per the reports, Square Cash App has more than 15 million active users in the USA. It is a peer-to-peer money transfer application. With the help of Cash App, users can send, receive & request money like it happens on Venmo, Zelle & PayPal. In fact, as I mentioned above, Cash App is more than just a regular money transfer application, to support this claim I have some valid points.

Cash App lets the user sell, buy & store Bitcoin as well as Stocks. Also, apart from offering some basic money sending & receiving features, it allows everyone to request money in just a few simple taps on your phone. Plus, it also provides an exclusive Visa Debit Card & direct check deposit service, that too, for free. I have explained more about how to use and activate Cash App card in the following sections.     

What are the features of Cash App? 

Cashapp is not less than to any other payment app in offering a different array of features. Fortunately, all features come with full proof security and all round compatibility. To have more clarification about features of cashapp, scroll down and have a quick look. 

  • Cashapp users can send, receive & request money to and from their contacts.
  • Cash App also could be used to invest money in Bitcoin & Stocks. 
  • Almost all the bank account can be linked to cashapp wallet through debit card. It also support payment through credit card. 
  • For hassle-free payments and withdrawing cash money, Visa Debit Card service is also available. 
  • Merchants & small business doers can create, send and share their own unique cashtag and receive payment through non-cash app users.  
  • Direct deposit service for payment check withdrawal is also available for free. 
  • Bitcoin withdrawal on Cash App to any other application is also possible. 
  • Cash boost is such a feature through which you can save money on every purchase from selected stores. 

How to use a Cash App card? 

As the name suggests, Cash App card is similar to a Visa Debit Card which you can use to make payments at shops, market and in malls. You can spend your money available in your wallet in just one swap where  Visa Cards are acceptable. It works in the same way as any typical bank's debit card does. But, remember that you can link it to your only cashapp wallet, not bank account. But, before you can use your cashapp card, you will require to activate it. 

To activate your Cash App ATM card, you have two options: either you can scan a QR code that comes with cash card packing or use your card details. Card activation option you can find on your app. Press the card-shaped icon available at the home screen and then press the scan "QR" code. Else, scroll down and hit the use "CVV instead" option. Now follow the on-screen instruction and activate your card. 

What are the fees on Cash App? 

Not all the services are free on Square payment app. Sending money through credit card invites 3% fee and 1.5% is chargeable in case of instant money transfer from wallet to bank account. Aslo, cash withdrawal service through Cash card comes with a $2 fee. Moreover, tasks like buying & selling Bitcoin on Cash App are also subject to dynamic fees and charges. 

On the other hand, tasks like sending, receiving and requesting money is free on cashapp. Also, adding a bank account, transfering money under Standard deposit is free. 

Final Say

So far in today's blog: How to Use Cash App, we have briefly talk about how cashapp works, its features and applicable fees. Also, we discussed how to activate a cashapp card. We are sure you will find all the information quite helpful and effective. For more information and any kind of assistance, you can use our comment section.


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