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How to Link Credit Card to Cash App Account and Spend Money Safely

How to Link Credit Card to Cash App Wallet & Spend Money

When you want to buy something & you are out of pocket, then the first thing that might come to your mind is your credit card. Yes, a credit card has simplified the financial lives of many people. You can draw even more benefits by adding your credit card to Square Cash App. Apart from making regular payments; you also can buy Stocks & Bitcoin on cashapp. But, in case if you are the one who doesn't know how to link credit card to a Cash App account, you are in the right place. 

We are going to discuss the quick solution to the problems like- can't find the link credit card option? How to transfer money from credit card to cashapp wallet? Also, you will get an overview of how to change the credit card details on Cash App. The best part of Square Cash App is that all users can get in touch with 24 hrs Cash App customer service and get quick assistance.  

So, let's start finding answers to the most commonly asked question about adding a credit card to cashapp account:

Can't find an option to link a credit card on Cash App? 

Option to add a credit card to cashapp wallet could be found in the balance tab under the bank account. But, if you are not getting this option then it means either you have not added your debit card first or you have deleted your debit card. In both cases, "+ Add a Credit Card" button disappears and users find themselves not in a position to link their credit card. 

Hence, the solution to this problem is to add your bank account first through your debit card. In order to connect your debit card to cashapp wallet, you will have to enter details like debit card number, CVV number, and expiration date. Once you successfully add your debit card, only then you will get an option to link your credit cards.  

Why can't I link my credit card to Cash App? 

If you are getting an option to add your credit card on Cash App but you are unable link your card, then might be possible that you are entering the wrong information about your credit card. Also, make sure that your card is not temporarily blocked or hold. Needless to say, every credit & debit card has its own expiry date. So, check out the expiration date of your card before registering it in the Cash App wallet.    

How to link a credit card to a Cash App wallet? 

The process to register a credit card on Square cashapp is quite simple & short. But, as I mentioned earlier, first link the debit card, only then proceed to register your credit card. These are the steps to follow: 

  • Unlock your cashapp and get into the balance tab. 
  • Scroll down a little and select the "Add credit card tab" available under the debit card option.
  • Now enter the credit card number in the given field, CVV number, and expiration date of your card. 
  • Follow the simple step by step instructions and finish the process. 
  • As of now, you have registered your credit card successfully, you are all set to make hassle-free payments through your credit card. 

How to change credit card details on Cash App? 

The best part of the Cash App services is that users can make changes in their cashapp wallet at any time. Changes in settings, security features, bank details & personal preferences are all possible. Even you can delete and add a new one debit and credit card. 

To make changes in your credit card, go to your credit card and press the menu tab (three dots icon). Once you press it, you will get two options: Replace and Remove. Select any option according to your need and follow the simple on-screen instructions. 

How to Reload money on a Cash App card using a credit card? 

Sorry, to say but the fact of the matter is that adding money from a credit card to cashapp wallet is not possible as of now. We will update this post once Cash App makes any change and allows users to add money through credit card. 

You can make payments, purchase Bitcoin, and Stocks on Cash App with a credit card. But, a task like loading money to a cash card is not possible while writing this post (July 2020).

What is Cash App credit card fee? 

Credit card-based transactions are not free on the Square Cash App. Be informed that Cash App applies a fee of 3% when users send money using or make any purchase using a credit card. But, on the other hand, debit card-based payments are free and carry no charges. 

Final Say 

That was all from my side in today's tutorial: How to Link Credit Cards to Cash App Wallets & Spend Money. In this post, we also discussed the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue if you can't link your credit card to your cashapp wallet. We are sure you will find all the given information quite helpful. For more information, feel free to get in touch with experts by dialing the Cash App phone number.


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