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Will I Get Refund if Lost Money to Cash App Scam?

Will I Get Refund if Lost Money to Cash App Scam?

There are a lot of things to like about the Cash App payment app. But still, the Cash App scam is really a big problem. And with the passing time, it is growing from bad to worst. Every now and then, people contact us and report having lost money to the scam on Cash App. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to write on this topic. In the content below we are going to discuss what to do to get a refund if you have been scammed. How to report a scam on Cash App? How to request a refund on Cash App? Answers to this question, we are going to discuss in this helping post.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the steps you can take after losing money to a scammer on Cash App.  However, all information available in this post is just for spreading general knowledge. For the final solution, we recommend you get in touch with Cash App customer service. Experts available at customer support can help you better in getting back your lost money.  

Did someone scam you on Cash App? How to request a refund? 

Undoubtedly, losing money to a scam can really be a matter of great disappointment. But, as being a smart user, you should not immediately start freaking out. Why? Because with the help of the below-mentioned information you can recover your lost money.

The weird thing about Cash App payments is that once you send the money successfully, you can't cancel it even if you sent money to the wrong person. However, there is one good thing about Cash App. You will be glad to know that Cash App lets the users request a refund directly through the cashapp.

I will tell you the simple steps to request money after making accidental payments in the upcoming sections. But, a noticeable point is that accidental payments and scams are two different things. And the major difference is the scammer who took you in confidence and stole money from your wallet, will not think of sending your money back. On the other hand, if somebody, unexpectedly, receives money from you, he might send your money back if you request. In both cases you always must report it to the Cash App customer support, only then you can expect a refund from cashapp.

How to report a scam on Cash App?

Wondering, can you dispute a transaction on Cash App? Yes, you always can raise a red flag over any transactions. However, reporting a scam to cashapp support doesn't necessarily mean that you, definitely, will get a refund. But, still, you should not hesitate from raising your issue. These are steps to follow to dispute a cashapp transaction:

  • Open Square App on your phone.
  • Press the profile icon available at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll all the way down and you will find a "Cash Support"; tap it.
  • Then choose the "Missing & Cancel a Payment" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now add a little description about the disputable payment made on your account.
  • Finally, submit your request and wait for 3-4 working days to get a response from cashapp customer service. 

How can I get my money back if sent to the wrong person accidentally?

Sending money to the wrong person is quite a common mistake. A large number of people make such kinds of mistakes. But, the best part of cashapp is that it lets the users request a refund from a person to whom you sent money mistakenly. Here below are the steps:

  • Unlock your Cash App wallet.
  • Select & get into the "Activity Tab" available on the home screen.
  • Right here you can see the list of your recent transactions. Find and select the objectionable transaction.
  • Now press the refund button.
  • As you press the "Refund" tab, the person on the other side who received money from your wallet will get a notification.
  • Now it is up to the receiver whether he/she wants to return your money or not.

Important Note: If you don't receive your money back from the scammer, the best thing you can do is to dial the direct Cash App phone number.

How to cancel a Cash App payment and get a refund?

Frankly speaking, Cash App payments are really very fast. Once it is done, you can't cancel it. But, sometimes, due to slow internet problems and network issues, transactions may take a few seconds more than usual. If it happens with you while making a wrong payment, consider yourself, lucky enough, and immediately cancel it before it turns out successful. Such kind of slow transactions, you can find in your payment history under the "Activity Tab". Also, you will get a cancel option as long as it doesn't turn into a successful transaction.  

Bottom Line

That's the end of today's tutorial: How to get a refund after being scammed & making accidental payments on Cash App. We also discussed how to report a Cash App Scam. Hopefully, you will find all the given information helpful & effective.


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