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Quick Steps: How to Send Money From Apple Pay to Cash App

Quick Steps: How to Send Money From Apple Pay to Cash App

In recent years, online banking has emerged as an ideal way to manage money and expenses. As a result of constant development, online banking has taken the shape of mobile banking. A large number of people have realized that doing mobile banking no longer means losing out on security, safety, and privacy. The huge demand for online banking at the global level has given birth to a large number of mobile-based money transfer applications. But, if we move closer to the ground level there are just a handful of popular payment apps like PayPal, Cash App, and Apple Pay. However, these are three individual payment applications but a piece of good news is that users can transfer or send money from Apple Pay to Cash App.

Yes, as the title of this helping post suggests, this blog is dedicated to teaching everyone how to send funds from iOS supported Apple Pay to Square App. However, if you already know the method but still can't send money from an Apple Pay card to a Cash App card, we recommend you to get assistance from the experts available at the Cash App customer service. On the other hand, if you don't know the process to add the Square app to the iOS Payment application, read further down this blog.

Can I transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App?

The straightforward answer to this question is - Yes, you can. If you are a certified user of Cash App as well as Apple Pay, certainly you can send funds from Square App to Apple Pay and vice-versa. But, before that, you will have to connect your both accounts. Find below the quick steps to link both the money transfer applications.

How to link Square Cash App to Apple Pay using a cash card?

Square lets its users connect Cash App to Apple pay in just a few simple steps. Here below is the procedure with the help of which you can link your both payment accounts and start sending and receiving money anywhere and anytime.

  • Open Square App.
  • Press the cash card tab available at the home screen.
  • Now hit the Cash App card image.
  • The next step is to select the menu tab and then choose the "add to apple pay' option.
  • Now follow the simple step by step instructions and complete the link up procedure.

This is how simply you can add your Cash App account to Apple pay with the help of Cash App visa debit card. Now learn below how to transfer money from Apple Pay.

How do I transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App?

There is a simple and short procedure in the place to go through to send money from Apple Pay to Cash App. This procedure involves using your Cash App routing and account number. Consider the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Unlock your Cash App account.
  • Press the balance tab.
  • Now get into the cash tab.
  • Scroll down the screen to find your routing number and account number.
  • Note down your routing number and account number on paper.
  • Now go to the setting tab on your iPhone.
  • Right here scroll down carefully to find the wallet & Apple Pay tab; Select it.
  • Now hit the Apple Cash tab.
  • Mode down on the screen to find the bank account tab.
  • Now hit the add account tab or delete your current added account if it is not a Cash App account.
  • Right here you need to enter the details of your Cash App bank account.
  • Type here the Cash App account and routing number that you have already noted down on the paper.
  • Press the next tab and again enter the same Cash App routing and account number. Press the next button.
  • Now press the back button to come back on the home screen of the Apple pay.
  • Here on the screen press transfer to the bank tab and enter the amount.
  • Hit the next button.
  • Here comes a screen with two options: Instant and standard transfer.
  • The instant transfer is chargeable while the standard transfer is free.
  • You can expect the transfer of money in two business days with standard type transfer.
  • Now give your touch id to confirm your identity and validate the transaction.

Final Words

Here comes to end our post on how to send money from Apple Pay to Cash App. We hope you will find all the information enough helpful and effective. For more information or to know how to transfer money from Cash App card to Apple Pay card, get in touch with  Cash App representatives.


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